Artist Statement

Hui-Hsuan Hsu visualises and transfers observations of easily ignored objects and phenomenon into a digital form. Using digital techniques as an extension of, and as compensation for, weaknesses of the body’s senses: digital devices play roles as “semi-transparent prosthesis” connecting the object photographed, artists and viewers and create a rhythm amongst the physical, the mechanical and the perceptional in Hsu’ works. Hsu questions the notion of ‘point of view’ whereby the camera becomes a more active agent between the artist’s ‘seeing’ and mental perception. Hsu’s video pieces may create a sense of paradoxical imagination, which guide audiences’ consciences floating between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the recognisable and the unrecognisable. A different experience to watching mainstream film, Hsu’s work creates in audiences an uncertain perception and provocative ambiguity through gazing her ‘moving image objects.’


徐嘒壎的創作方式是運用數位機具將日常生活中人們容易忽視的物件和現象視覺化。徐嘒壎認為,在她的創作裡,數位技術的使用可被視為一種彌補身體感官不足的延伸:數位機具在藝術創作中扮演一種半透明的義肢角色,在被拍攝物拍攝者以及觀者之間形成一個動態關係,並且在拍攝過程中創造一種存於物質性,機械性,知 覺性之間的韻律。徐嘒壎的影像給出了一種混沌詭譎的想象維度,促使觀者面對一種看起來很熟悉卻又不熟悉,好像能夠辨識但又辨識不出來的氛圍,這是一種迥異 於觀看主流電影的不安定感,唯有透過靜靜地凝視,才能在影像不斷緩慢交替的曖昧模糊中,找到與影像一同呼吸的觀看韻律。